The Indian economy majorly depended on agriculture, but the same has been neglected very consciously by all the sectors of society. The small and marginal farmers are more discriminated who has no right over their production. The technical knowledge, financial support is not reachable to small and marginal farmers. In fact the farmers are also driven by market forces, in the hands of seed and pesticide dealers of their area.
SCEP made efforts in working with small and marginal farmers
  • Formation of farmer clubs
  • Promotion of non-pesticide agriculture practices
  • Supporting farmers availing loans from banks and PACS
  • Promotion of household dairy by availing loans from government departments
  • Conducted agriculture camps for better seed by mandal agriculture department
  • Promotion vermin compost pits
  • Promotion of kitchen gardens
  • Conducted training programs for small and marginal farmers in strengthening agriculture practices
Way forward
SCEP has focusing in improving the activities related with health, agriculture and watershed management. Most of the initiatives taken up SCEP are related with conservation of land, water. The women economic development program is improving with regular bank linkage initiatives. More women are engaging with income generation activities.